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Stallion Fertility

Stallion fertility is one of the most lucrative areas of business for all major breeding operations. Small increases or decreases in fertility percentages have huge consequences on financial outcomes for all involved.

There are few things more frustrating for the stud and stallion manager and breeder than a stallion with fertility and/or libido issues. Increased number of covers per mare, increased risk to the stallion, and increased stress on all involved. It’s enough hard work managing books for each individual stallion and undertaking covers- let alone working out WHY your stallion is performing
sub par and rectifying the situation.

Optim Equine has extensive experience in stallion breeding and management practices, with proven successful results in significantly improving stallion fertility rates. The approaches taken also promote the overall health and longevity of the stallion.

The information obtained from semen analysis and physical veterinary examination (to rule in/out) physical abnormalities are valuable contributions to effective treatment.

Each stallion is unique and the causes of sub-optimal fertility and libido are individual. Treatment should always be targeted at the components of poor fertility: in many cases, the treatments employed will differ depending on the following factors:

  • Age
  • Shuttling history (if applicable)
  • Libido
  • Sperm motility
  • Sperm morphology
  • Sperm count
  • Gel portion of semen
  • Testosterone levels

Problem Pregnancy Mares

Failure to conceive and pregnancy loss at any stage of gestation are costly, time-consuming outcomes in the broodmare.

Without adequately addressing the causes of failure to go in foal and pregnancy loss, vets, stud-managers, and owners are left with frustrating and disappointing consequences. In the event that the mare does carry the pregnancy full term, the resulting foal is often disappointedly small, sub- par or of compromised health.

Optim Equine gets to the bottom of the reasons why your mare is not getting in foal or maintaining her pregnancy, and provides effective solutions to address this. Whilst many mares suffer from the same issues regarding their failure to conceive or maintain a healthy pregnancy (for example placentitis, endometritis, recurrent infections), treatment plans need to be customised to the INDIVIDUAL mare. A blanket treatment approach to any health condition in the horse generally fails to adequately address all factors contributing to the problem.

Optim Equine ensures each mare’s unique case is adequately addressed: thus treatment and detailed plans are customised to the INDIVIDUAL mare.

Optim Equine provides speciality services in ensuring your mare is in the very best of health- giving her the very best chance to conceive, deliver and nurse a healthy foal.

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