What to expect 

During an initial appointment, Camilla will conduct a holistic assessment of your horse. This will involve: taking a thorough case history; a physical assessment; review of current feed/dietary intake; and review of all supplements and medications. Having any medical records, blood tests, X-rays or scans (if applicable) previously taken of your horse on hand at this time is particularly valuable. This information helps to complete a most thorough assessment. Camilla will also take the time to discuss with you any concerns you may have regarding your horse and any particular characteristic quirks, vices and habits. In conjunction with you, Camilla will develop a treatment plan which consists of dietary and management advice, combined with herbal and nutritional supplementation where appropriate.

Camilla encourages open communication between any vets and practitioners involved in the treatment of your horse to ensure that optimal health and performance outcomes are achieved.

As Camilla works as an independent consultant (she is not associated with any feed, supplement or other companies), owners can rest assured that the advice and therapies offered are in the very best interests of their particular horse and situation.


Camilla is based in Melbourne, Victoria. She frequently travels interstate and internationally, serving clients in these areas by appointment. Skype, phone and email consultations are also available.