Stallion Health and Fertility Optim Equine Camilla Whishaw

How does your stallion’s body condition influence his fertility rate and libido?

We all love a stallion looking strong, healthy and well. Yet it is all too easy for this vision of how we want a stallion to look to adversely impact his fertility and libido.

It is common for many stallions to have a body composition with a relatively high-fat percentage. This high amount of body fat reduces a stallion’s fertility through several mechanisms.

Total and free testosterone levels are reduced with higher percentages of body fat. Reduced sperm count, sperm motility and increased DNA fragmentation of sperm are also associated with higher body fat levels.

In the Stallion Health and Fertility webinar linked below, we discuss these and the many other factors which impact a stallion’s fertility and libido. More importantly, we also discuss strategies you can implement to help improve your stallion’s fertility and libido.

Web Video

If you are a horse breeder, be sure to check this informative video out!

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