Omeprazole and Stallion Fertility

With our attention on the breeding season, looking at ways we can increase stallion fertility parameters and resulting pregnancy rates in broodmares is of immense value.

Whilst we are always aiming to do what is best for our stallions, sometimes commonly used medications, supplements and routine management practices can hinder the very outcomes we are trying to achieve.

One such example is the use of gastric ulcer medications in our stallions- whether for the treatment of existing ulcers or with the belief that the use of such medications will help to prevent gastric ulcers.

The drug omeprazole is considered the gold standard pharmaceutical treatment of equine gastric ulcers- and is the key ingredient of the vast majority of ulcer medications on the market.

Research has demonstrated that omeprazole can reduce male fertility through multiple mechanisms: impaired sperm quality, abnormal sperm morphology, reduced sperm motility and reduced sperm count. Omeprazole may also cause a reduction in serum testosterone levels.

When every pregnancy counts and significant revenue is at stake, critically reviewing the use of such medications should be forefront.

There are other effective alternatives available to aid in healing and/or preventing gastric ulcers in horses. Furthermore, through individualised application, the potential exists to also concurrently significantly enhance stallion fertility and overall health.

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