Fillies, Mares, Hormones and Performance

Do you train, own or ride fillies or mares? Have you previously, or do you use altrenogest/Regumate or other synthetic progestin products to ‘control’ their cycles or regulate their behaviour?

Would you still give them such substances if you knew that it significantly decreased muscle mass, strength and performance, and impaired recovery?

Animal research has demonstrated that manipulating hormone levels to keep oestrogen levels low, results in decreased muscle mass and strength and an increased risk of muscular and bone injuries.

Altrenogest and synthetic progestin products suppresses oestrus (and thus normal peaks of oestrogen production) in mares and fillies.

By artificially manipulating their cycle, not only are you potentially increasing injury risk, but it is likely that you are not allowing fillies and mares to realise their full athletic potential.

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