What Supplements are best for building Topline?

Topline describes the muscle coverage over the top of the horse’s neck, back and hindquarters. The strength of topline muscles can influence soundness and athletic ability of the horse.
Now let’s briefly think of human athletes looking to increase muscle mass, strength and definition. To do this effectively they must work and utilise the correct muscle groups and fuel their bodies with proper nutrition. Exercise is needed to provide the stimulus for muscle growth and development. You can’t just sit on the couch, chugging protein shakes expecting to develop strong, defined muscles. Similarly, spending hours in the gym, doing exercises that don’t engage the muscles you want to develop won’t help to produce the definition you are after. And working the muscles you do want to develop, but not taking in the appropriate quality or quantity of fuel won’t help to promote muscle growth.

For topline to be developed – both exercise and diet need to be addressed. Furthermore, the state of a horse’s gastrointestinal (GI) health needs to be such that it can effectively digest, absorb and metabolise the foods and nutrients it is fed to fuel muscle cell growth and repair.

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