Turmeric: Use in the Horse

Turmeric: Use in the Horse


Turmeric, it’s the ‘wonder’ natural supplement many horse people have been self-prescribing for their horses. Most commonly used for its anti-inflammatory properties, very few, if any horse people stop to consider the quality of their turmeric.

Given that turmeric is widely available in powdered form makes it susceptible to being mixed with lower cost ingredients. Research has shown a large proportion of turmeric available on the market to be mixed with different species of the same genus; artificial colours and dyes (which are banned in many countries); heavy metals (such as lead); chalk and synthetic turmeric. Thus, instead of helping your horse by adding turmeric to his diet, you may be promoting more inflammation and oxidative stress and increasing their exposure to harmful substances.

As with any supplement (natural or otherwise), be sure to employ expert advice to determine whether the supplement is both appropriate for your horse and safe. Used for anti-inflammatory and medicinal purposes, turmeric should contain measurable quantities of curcuminoids (the most extensively studied active constituents of the herb); it should undergo independent third party testing, and should have proof of its bioavailability.

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