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Chamomile: Use in the Horse

Chamomile. It is a very popular herb and valuable medicine when employed correctly.

It is also one of a handful of the most commonly used herbs by equestrians- even those who have minimal interest and/or understanding in herbal medicine and natural supplements. If you have ever used, are currently using or considering using chamomile on your equines, there are some very important considerations to take into account….

There are MANY different species of chamomile, with German or true Chamomile containing a high percentage of the most active constituents (the chemicals which are known to exert a therapeutic effect). The accurate identification of species of chamomile is incredibly complex, and becomes even more difficult once the herb has been dried. Roman chamomile is a variety of chamomile which is often used in place of true chamomile. This does not have the same beneficial properties as true chamomile.

It’s important to know exactly what you are giving your horse for many reasons: first and foremost for the safety and wellbeing of the horse. Natural substances can be toxic or harmful when not used appropriately. Consideration also needs to be given to implications with swabbing- some equestrian disciplines do not permit the use of chamomile in competition.

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