Aloe Vera and Wound Healing: An Effective Home Remedy Backed by Science

Aloe vera has long been recognised and used in many cultures for aiding in wound healing and treating burns. Much research has supported the beneficial use of the plant in such cases.

Within each leaf of the plant is a gel which helps to increase healing rate (by promoting cell proliferation) and decrease inflammation when applied to wounds and burns. Studies have also shown aloe vera gel to have antibacterial and anti fungal effects and to reduce swelling associated with insect bites.

Using fresh aloe vera gel is best (most commercial products contain artificial preservatives, many have colourants added, and the beneficial therapeutic compounds of the plant may only be in small amounts if at all!). The good news is even those who aren’t green thumbs can easily grow aloe vera in a pot at home!

Fresh aloe vera gel can be obtained by splitting a leaf and applying the green tinged clear jelly inside of the split leaf to cuts, wounds, fungal infections, burns and insect bites.

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