Mare Body Condition: Osteochondrosis Risk in Offspring

Recent research has clearly demonstrated that foals born from obese mares are at much greater risk of developing osteochondrotic lesions.

This is a very important consideration, given that many people like their mares in ‘very good’ condition leading into breeding season, and that horses can often be more overweight than we perceive them to be.

This has serious implications in the foal’s growth and development; its potential value in the sales ring; and its future racing and/or performance career.

Strictly cutting or restricting a mare’s energy intake alone is not a healthy solution. To optimise fertility (leading into the season) and to ensure the best health and development of the foal in utero (and later in life), takes a balanced, holistic approach.

Ensure your horses get the OPTIMal start to life. Prevention is better than cure…

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