Regumate / Altrenogest and Difficult Mares & Fillies: What Are The Alternatives?

With the rulings of Regumate/Altrenogest use in racing coming under the spotlight around the globe, now is an opportune time to address nutritional and management factors which can contribute to undesirable behaviour in mares and fillies.

Whilst no nutritional supplement will prevent estrus in the mare/filly: signs, symptoms and behaviour may be able to be preferentially modified. Modulating specific hormonal, neurotransmitter and inflammatory pathways and correcting nutritional insufficiencies can have a significant impact. This is a key area where therapeutic nutritional intervention differs distinctly in just meeting a horse’s daily nutrient requirements.

Time and energy can be wasted on being angry/frustrated by the current rulings, or minds can be opened to explore other options, gaining knowledge and tools to use to one’s advantage. 

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